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Weird, Eccentric and Everyday Gadgets and Contraptions from the Past

Mid-Century Modern Furniture & Art

Dresdens: Exquisite Paper Ornaments

The Many Colors of Willow

Touching Convict Love Tokens

Victorian Lifestyle

Collecting Bakelite and Other Vintage Plastic Jewelry

Collecting Beautiful Cigar Bands and Boxes

The Antique-Architecture Mash-up of Ted Lott

A Collector’s Art: The Portraiture of James Pruett

The Spoils of War

The Collection of My Ancestors

7 Collectibles to Watch in 2016

The Neapolitan Nativity Scene

Collecting Arcade Targets

Hermès Handbags

NETSUKE: Japanese Art in Miniature

The Biggest Fakes - Faked Autographs

Victorian Microscope Slides - Diatoms

Moorcroft Pottery

Cigarette and Trade Cards of World War I

The Hindenburg: A Disaster and a Miracle

Fenton Collector Finds A “Violets In The Snow” Treasure

Royal Bayreuth Porcelain

Collecting Vintage Cufflinks

Who Has the Real Lladró?

The Antiques of the Real Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle

English Transfer Printed Pottery

Shaker Furniture

Country Store Cures

Sèvres: The Legendary Porcelain of France

Mechanical Toy Banks

Miniature Portraits of the 19th Century

Collecting Jade

Skeleton Clocks

Chinese Ivory Carvings


The History of the Mirror

Duck Decoys

Antiques Roadshow Finds in Atlanta

Collecting Antique Rugs and Carpets

75 Years of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind

Antique Porcelain Boxes from Paris

Golden Age of Celebrity Photos

Miniature Books

The Rosenbaum House

Queen Anne Furniture

Antique and Vintage Fashion and Clothing


Antique Snuff Boxes and Tea Caddies

Barbershop Collectibles

Holiday Ornaments from Germany

Bohemian Pottery

Lancaster Glass Company

A Decade of Collecting

Louvre In Atlanta

Displaying Your Collection

Collecting American Belleek

Antique Stained Glass Windows

Collecting and Researching Miniature Portraits

The Porcelain Pipe

This Month in Collecting History - December 2016

This Month in Collecting History - November 2016

This Month in Collecting History - October 2016

This Month in Collecting History - September 2016

This Month in Collecting History - August 2016

This Month in Collecting History - July 2016

This Month in Collecting History - June 2016

This Month in Collecting History - May 2016

Collecting Apothecary Jars and Wares

Masterpieces from the Austrian Habsburg Dynasty

The Life, Legacy and Furniture of George Nakashima And a Conversation with Mira Nakashima

Fans: Advertising & Souvenir

Somali Coins

Bullwinkle's Namesake

Staffordshire Figures 1780 to 1840

Fake or Real? Tell-tale Signs on Reproduction Porcelain

Collecting Antique Meerschaums - Really Regal Pipes!

Collecting Glass Paperweights

The Upside-Down World of Occupied Japan

Collecting Original Vintage Posters

Hobo Nickels

Danish Modern Furniture

Collecting Prison Antiques

Collecting Pre-Columbian Artifacts of Mesoamerica and Central America

The Prizes of Cracker Jack

Rate the Antique Reality Shows Results

Pottery With Panache: Art Deco Ceramics

Collecting Natural History

Collecting Political Button

Collecting Posters

Collecting Butter Churns

Collecting Early Valentines

Collecting the World's First Typewriters

Antique Ceiling Tiles

eBay Seller: Norma DeCamp

Ansel Adams

Famous Anonymous Painters

Antique Newspapers

Titanic Life Preserver Sells & Tells a Story

When Was - The Sewing Machine

When Was - The Cameo Invented?

When Was - Soda Pop Invented

Sampler Collecting

Bottle Collecting

Great Southern Pottery

Target Balls, a Sure Fire Hit with Gunneys & Collectors Alike

Conoco Touraide

Dating Southern Pottery

Anatomy of a Netsuke

Railroad Lanterns

Candy Containers

Antiquities of the Vatican Museums

The Unusual Codd Bottle

Houdini Memorabilia Makes Magic

A Matter of Time: Collecting Antique Pocket Watches

Japenese Puzzle Boxes

The Antiques of George Washington's Mount Vernon

The Antiques of Hearst Castle

Black Americana

Tapestry Handbags Weave a Story

The Incredible Feather Book of 1618

Blue Willow Pattern Advertising

Southwestern American Indian Bracelets

History of Bottle Openers

The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe

DeVilbiss Perfume Bottles

Miniature Firearms

Collecting Pocket Mirrors

Making Gone With the Wind

Disney’s Most Magical Treasures

Collecting Vintage Coin Machines

A Brief History of Glassmaking

In Pursuit of Pedal Cars

Antique Nutcrackers

Collecting Faberge

Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery

The Railroad Pocket Watch

Collecting Christmas Angels

Collecting Vintage Costume Jewelry

Decorating with Swedish Country Antiques

Collecting Valentines

When Was - The Teapot Invented?

Ripley's Collector

When Was - The Yo-Yo Invented?

Discovering the Colors of Depression Glass

Collecting Southern Stoneware

Lancaster Glass

Swedish Antiques

The Majestic Lalique Mascots

Fabulous Blenko Glass

Stunning Cinnabar Lacquerware

Folk Art Fish Decoys

Just What Is Vaseline Glass, Anyway?

Folk Art Canes

Sumida Pottery

Attack of the B-Movie Posters

Born and Raised in Pottery

Collecting Limoges

Chintz Collecting

The Dixie Cup

Holy Works Of Art

The Antiques of Biltmore Estate

Mercury Glass

When Was...The Weathervane Invented?

'Scarlett Fever' Still Rages Around the World

Collecting British Polychrome Pot Lids, Jars & Ware

Hair Receivers

Japanese Okimono Figures

When Was - The Tin Toy Created?

The Antiques & Antiquities of London

Russian Icons

The Antiques Roadshow

Celebrity Yearbook Values

Collecting Coca-Cola

Tobacciana: Collecting Tobacco related items  


Frank Sinatra: Toy Train Collector

Victor Alfieri Collects Zippo Lighters

Carol Alt Collects Christmas Tree Toppers

American Pickers - Mike Wolfe

Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster on The Munsters)

The Celebrity Collector: Joanna Cassidy

The Celebrity Collector: Tanna Frederick

The Celebrity Collector: Ellen Burstyn

Karolyn Grimes, Zuzu from It's A Wonderful Life

The Celebrity Collector: Bob Weatherwax

The Celebrity Collector: Hank Garrett

The Celebrity Collector: Beverly Washburn

The Celebrity Collector: Lynn Borden

The Celebrity Collector: Lana Wood

The Celebrity Collector: Cathy Shim

The Celebrity Collector: Liz Torres

The Celebrity Collector: Al Bandiero

The Celebrity Collector: Corbin Bernsen

Celebrity Collector: Rex Lee

Celebrity Collector: Curtis Armstrong

Celebrity Collector - Rip Taylor

The Celebrity Collector: Jay Leno

Celebrity Collector - Billy Gray

Courtney Wagner & Candy Olsen of Storage Wars New York

The Celebrity Collector - Larry Hagman

Celebrity Collector: Minae Joji

Celebrity Collector: Clinton Derricks

Celebrity Collector: NFL MVP Rich Gannon Collects Petroliana

The Celebrity Collector: Richard Karn

The Celebrity Collector: Gloria Loring

The Celebrity Collector: Michael Gross

The Celebrity Collector: Emily Procter

The Celebrity Collector: Joan van Ark

The Celebrity Collector: Jack Larson

The Celebrity Collector: Billy Dee Williams

The Celebrity Collector: Loni Anderson

The Celebrity Collector: Shirley Jones

The Celebrity Collector: The Amazing Kreskin

The Celebrity Collector: Olivai Hussey

The Celebrity Collector: Tab Hunter

The Celebrity Collector: Cassandra Peterson &quo

The Celebrity Collector: Ashley Drane

The Celebrity Collector: Bern Nadette Stanis

The Celebrity Collector: Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney

The Celebrity Collector: Allan Rich

Memories of a Legend: John Wayne

The Celebrity Collector: Elaine Irwin

The Celebrity Collector: Cynthia Pepper

The Celebrity Collector: Marie Osmond

The Celebrity Collector: Catherine Hicks

The Celebrity Collector: Sally Struthers

The Celebrity Collector: Dolly Parton

The Celebrity Collector: Cliff Robertson

The Celebrity Collector: Lee Meriwether

The Celebrity Collector: Barbara Eden

The Celebrity Collector: Adrienne Barbeau

The Celebrity Collector: Patty Duke

The Celebrity Collector - Yvonne Craig

The Celebrity Collector - Bob Barker

The Celebrity Collector: Shondrella Avery

The Celebrity Collector - Nicholas Cage

The Celebrity Collector: The Landers

The Celebrity Collector: Anita Pointer

The Celebrity Collector: Bryan Cranston

The Celebrity Collectoer: Peter Marshall

The Celebrity Collector: Ursula Andress

The Celebrity Collector: Noel Neill

The Celebrity Collector: Shirley Knight 


Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori

Buying Tips for Travelers

Collecting Advent Calendars

Barbie and 50 Years of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Walt Disney Autographs

History of Sleds and Wagons

Vintage Halloween Decorations

Animals in Art & Antiques

Toys of the Roaring 1920s

Antique Dolls

Flowers speak volumes in Fine Art

Appraising Thomas Jefferson’s Desk and Other Hepplewhite Furniture

Collecting Carnival Antiques

Olympics Highlight a World of Collectibles  

Cowan's Corner by Wes Cowan

Civil War Collectibles

Tiffany Metalwares

Collecting Sailor Art

Antiques & Fine Art

Political Memorabilia

Audubon Reproductions

Political Campaign Flags

Collecting Flinklock Fowler Firearms

Vintage Shaving Mugs

Cowan's Corner -  Collecting Dolls

Southwestern American Indian Jewelry

Cameo Glass

Gothic Style

Antique Medical Instruments


Mechanical Toys

Winchester Expanded

Art Glass Lamps

Collecting Baseball Memorabilia

Cowan's Corner: Early American Tavern Signs

American Indian Tomahawks

Eskimo Art

Early Photography

19th-Century Firearms Engravings

Tiny Toys Inspire Big Collectors

Walking Sticks and Canes

Western Collectibles

Nineteenth Century Chalkware

Buddy L Toys

Cowan's Corner - Southwest Ceramics

Cowan's Corner: Santa Claus, A Jolly Old Collectible

Collecting Old Glory

The Antique Detective By Anne Gilbert

Early American Pottery

Old Tin Toys

Victorian Art Glass

Wristwatch Collection

Collecting Autographs

Pez Despensers

Horn Furniture

Antique Detective: Antique Repeater Pocket Watches

Antique Detective - Turned Wood emerges as new art collectible

Vintage Cameras

Colorful Czech Ceramics

Danish Porcelain

Oriental Rugs

Antique Quilts

Popular American Windsor Chairs

Chalkware Figures

Antique Detective: Early Steuben Glass

Antique Detective - Early Redware

Vintage Paper Doll Collections

Studio Pottery


Recognizing The Many Styles & Names of Clocks

18th Century English Furniture

Early American Glass

Antique Detective - Chinese Export Porcelain

Penguins and Other Animal Folk Art

Antique Detective: Duck Decoys




Chief Joseph

Lon Chaney Oscar Schindler
Lucy Maud Montgomery Joseph Merrick Albrecht Durer
Mae Questel C.S. Lewis Eddie Rickenbacker
Captain James Cook Robert Baden-Powell Mary Shelley
Judy Garland Kit Carson Bessie Coleman
James Harrison Hans Christian Anderson
Aristotle Charles Schulz Rudyard Kipling
Norman Rockwell Beatrix Potter Ernest Shackleton
Abraham Lincoln Carl Sandburg Carl Bloch

Thomas Chippendale

Queen Victoria Francis Bellamy
Joan of Arc Agatha Christie Winston Churchill
Joel Chandler Harris F. W. Woolworth Ann Frank
Mark Twain Ted Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss Alexander Graham Bell
Charles Dickens Thomas Paine Mother Teresa
Milton Hershey Frederick Douglass Emily Bronte
Grandma Moses

Famous Person - Babe Ruth

J.R.R. Tolkien
Leonardo da Vinci Pearl Buck Jesse Owens
Emily Dickinson Susan B. Anthony Shirley Temple
John D. Rockefeller George Frideric Handel Wyatt Earp
Harry Houdini Victor Hugo, Author of Les Miserables.  
Jonas Salk Typhoid Mary



Fragment from one of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Paul Gauguin’s Fruits on a Table

Little Dancer - Edgar Degas

Joe Jackson’s Rookie Bat

Atocha Treasure

Jesse Owens' Olympic Gold Medal

Battle Flag of George Custer

London After Midnight Movie Poster

Pan-American Inverted Stamp

Martha Washington’s 1886 silver certificate

Poppy Flowers

Tamerlane and Other Poems by Edgar Allan Poe

Giant Haskell Minnow

Famous Antique Autographs - William Shakespeare

Secor Fairy Sewing Machine

Rembrandt’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee Painting

Aaron Burr Desk

A Missing Imperial Faberge Egg Turns Up $33 Million

American Gothic

Crown of Napoleon

The Coronation Chair

Flowing Hair Dollar

The Elgin Marbles (or the Parthenon Marbles)

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

Paul Revere - Famous Silversmith

Big Ben

Rosetta Stone

Gutenberg Bible

Navajo First Phase Chief’s Blanket

Declaration or Independence

Portland Vase

Monopoly Game

Famous Postage Stamps

Stanhopes or Stanhope Viewers

Vincenzo Peruggia, the man who stole the Mona Lisa


Enigma Machine

Bay Psalm Book

Fabergé Eggs

Harrington Commode

The Card Players

Hope Diamond

Navy Medal of Honor by Tiffany's

Name These Famous Photos

Mica Hand

Deringer used to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s Hat

One of the First Jigsaw Puzzles


The Cowardly Lion’s Medal



This Month in Sports Collecting History - April 2017

This Month in Sports Collecting History - March 2017

This Month in Sports Collecting History - February 2017

This Month in Sports Collecting History - January 2017

Collecting Baseball Memorabilia

Famous Person - Babe Ruth

Honus Wagner Card Brings Over a Million

Sports Collecting


Tennis Antiques, Anyone?

The Sports Collector - Sports Memorabilia News


Painted Soda Bottle Collectors Association Organizations for Coca-Cola Collectors



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