Great Designs in Hard Times

By Wendy Keenan

Sure, today's economy has kept us from doing the great things we want to do. When it comes to designing for these hard times let's go back to the basics, here's how.

Retro vintage aprons used as a valance are a great addition to a retro kitchen, a vintage-style family room or sunroom. Old signs made of wood or metal that say “coffee shop” or “bakery,” for example, make fun art for the kitchen. Canning jars placed upon a rustic or primitive shelf make a warm and wonderful look when filled with different kinds of nuts, grains, pasta or dried fruits. Old cabin doors or old screen doors can make a great pantry door or can even be used as a headboard or room screen painted to suit your taste.

When traveling, keep a lookout for roadside finds. Look for old signs from empty stores or barns. These are often complete with the wire grids needed to attach it to the wall. Then hang the whole structure on the wall with simple screw-in wall hooks.

If you are choosing vintage, do not try to hide the object's past. Find an old door, and mount it onto a track like the one you would see on a barn. If there are any old decals, you may want to leave them alone.

Jolts of red, green, orange, and blue invigorate the rooms without overwhelming them or upstaging your own collections. Elevate everyday objects to the status of art, like placing quirky thrift-store finds such as dolls or statues on your bookcases. An old wooden sleigh can hang on the ceiling of your mudroom. An old quilt can be used as a wall hanging.

As always, think outside the box, find your creative side, and shop in local antique stores. Get to know vendors and decorators that house these kinds of ware, and you will be on your way. Stay creative!


Wendy Keenan is the owner of Circa Style Antiques and Interiors, 770-317-7479.




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