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Decorating with Antiques

Antiques in Home Decorating = Budget Decorating

By Wendy Keenan

Using antiques in home decorating will add a great impact to the look and feel of your home. Using antiques in home design is probably the most important and cost effective way to decorate in these tough economic times.

As a professional decorator and antique dealer, I feel confident that these recommendations will save you money and provide a uniquely-decorated home fitting your tastes and style. Antique lovers know that these items have better construction than many new furnishings available today. Most will have some unique carvings and styling that will ensure that the pieces will continue to gain value over the years.

Now, since you are an antique lover, I will gamble that you have antique furniture and other items in your home that you are not using. Now is the time to dig them out, dust them off and put them into use.

Take a stroll through your home as if you are on a shopping excursion. Roam about your home with an open mind, and in every room, remember to think outside the box. Use your imagination and ask your self, can I use that old lamp that is stored in the garage on the end table? Would that antique china in the cardboard box look good behind a glass door? You may find that you have hiding in the back of the basement an old glass cabinet that would make a perfect display unit for them.

Now, forge ahead and lug out those collections of lamps, accessories, linens and other things you have collected over the years. Ask yourself, how would that look if placed upon the old side table? Would that antique pitcher look lovely with a flower arrangement in it and placed on our vanity?

Incorporating antiques in home decorating can ultimately give you a home that has a unique flair and fits your very own style. Allow yourself to enjoy your collections.

You can also incorporate the use of antique accessories into your home décor by including items from a collection that is a part of a hobby or special interest. If you decide not to sell them, then use them, enjoy them and talk about them. They will make great conversation!

Take, for example, antique crystal. Display them in a wall unit to make a statement or on top of a fireplace mantle, inside a glass kitchen cabinet, on the top of your bathroom vanity or place them throughout your living room. This will definitely add a lot of character to the look of your room as well as allowing you to show your collectables instead of hiding them away in boxes.

If you have many items, this is fine, just make sure to blend them into each room to ensure continuity. Alternatively, place them all within a specific area, making it a dedicated statement.

Home decorating has always been about showing off your favorite and treasured possessions and surrounding yourself with the things you love. Enjoy and contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help.


Wendy Keenan is the owner and designer of Circa Style Antiques and Interiors. Contact her at 770-317-7479.

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