Helpful Hints

By Wendy Keenan
Posted July 2010

  • To polish brass, make a paste of equal parts of salt, flour and vinegar. Rub with a soft cloth. Rinse completely. Shine with a clean, dry, soft cloth.
  • Do not use plastic bubble wrap to store silver or ceramics. Heat and humidity can cause permanent discolorations.
  • Rearrange lamps and decorative items on wooden tabletops. If you don't, exposed wood will lighten and unexposed wood will remain dark after time.
  • Clean mildew on wooden furniture with a cloth moistened with one cup water mixed with one tablespoon bleach and one tablespoon liquid dishwashing detergent. Dry with a clean cloth.
  • To remove an unpleasant smell from an old chest of drawers, use baking soda, cat litter, or charcoal chips to absorb the odor.
  • Lemon juice will remove the remains of gum, adhesive tape and other sticky tapes.
  • If you scorch a textile while ironing, rub a cut onion over the scorch then soak it in cold water for one hour. Rewash and try again.
  • Do not polish dark antique bronze, or you will destroy the old patina and lower the value.


Wendy Keenan is the owner of Circa Style Antiques and Interiors in Alpharetta. She may be contacted at 770-317-7479.




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