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True Stories from Happy Hunters

The following are true stories of happy treasure hunters from the files of

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Susan’s mother was given this piece by an antique dealer in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, around 1968. It is a glass or porcelain bowl with handmade roses and leaves. It was repaired with staples.

Susan was ecstatic when her mother bestowed it upon her.

“I have always found this bowl intriguing as long as I can remember, so my mother gave it to me after my father passed way and she was sorting all her things among the kid's while downsizing to a smaller house. I was so happy she gave it to me! I love it!

“It was in perfect condition until one day, years ago, momma was dusting and something fell on the lip and broke a piece of it off. I still have the pieces, but in its lifetime, it has been repaired by a stapling method of some kind, maybe in the 1800s or so. I've never seen anything repaired this way, and so far, neither has anyone else. I'm curious about its age/history/value.”

Appraiser Gale Pirie: “Susan’s bowl appears to be a Victorian Period rose bowl. Most were opaque glass, and the ruffled edge is common. Matsu-no-ke mat-su-noke is an applied decoration for glass that was first patented by Frederick Carder of the Steuben glassworks in 1922. This applied decoration of the same name was Japanese-influenced and registered by Stevens & Williams in 1884 where Carder worked before joining Steuben. The "applied artwork" was heated and deftly added to the glass item after it was formed. In this lovely example, the opaque white body is decorated in applied, clear lemon yellow glass flowers. In all likelihood, your bowl is a Steuben or Stevens & Williams example; however, other companies have copied the technique. The color combination is lovely. I have seen this combination on similar antique rose bowls.”

The appraised value is $30-$60.

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Our thanks to for providing this true treasure hunting story. The website provides appraisals for $9.95.
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